Mary Perrins

Director of the The Victor Batte-Lay Foundation

With a working background in the education sector, Mary has always had a keen interest in the arts. She believes in inspiring children and students through art, making it as accessible as possible.

Mary’s last role was as a deputy head teacher at a Colchester school. Since then, she has continued to be involved with The Minories and helps to promote its part in the regional art scene. Her role also includes general business support and creative decisions for the Foundation.

Mary brings a wealth of experience to the Board of Directors, with a considerable knowledge of the history of The Minories and it’s Collection. She also provides insight from the various organisations that have shared and benefited from The Minories’ prominent position in East Anglian culture.

Mary works hard to ensure the remit of the original bequest is followed and that The Minories continues to contribute to the artistic and educational facilities available to the local community. She is also constantly working to encourage and support the work of local artists.

Mary has a distinct interest for etchings and paintings that depict the East Anglian landscape.

Mary is passionate about The Minories continuing to be perceived as a vital part of Colchester’s built heritage and together with The Collection, that is remains at the heart of local cultural and educational endeavour.