Martyn Carr

Secretary and Treasurer of the The Victor Batte-Lay Foundation

Martyn has been the secretary and treasurer of the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation for over 20 years.

He has a professional background in law, practising as a solicitor in Colchester for over three decades. He is currently the senior partner of a well-established local law firm. Outside of the law, Marytn has always had a great interest in the arts.

As the secretary and treasurer, Martyn is involved with organising funding and looking after the finances of the foundation. With few resources apart from the Board, the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation relies on its directors and contributions from the public to continue to maintain its success.

Passionate about Victor Batte-Lay’s growth, Marytn’s role requires him to think creatively about new initiatives to continuously develop the Foundation.

Like the other Directors, Martyn truly admires the depth of the Foundation’s Collection. He works to showcase this to the public, helping to portray Victor Batte-Lay as a real asset to Colchester and its cultural heritage.